Spring Summer Brides, the best time to buy is NOW!!

For brides with wedding dates in the Spring and Summer of 2013 if you haven’t already started shopping for your dress, what are you waiting for?
It may seem a little blunt,  but now is the time to decide on your dress and get it ordered to avoid delays in your dress creation and delivery. You might be thinking what’s the rush, I’ve got months til I say “I do”.
Here’s what you need to understand, the “busy season” for dress designers is right around the corner,  which means estimated arrival dates will be pushed to their max due to the volume of dresses being created. So when a designer says 14-18 weeks to create the dress it really will be closer to 18. 18 weeks is about 4 and half months.
In addition to dress volumes being higher for the factories, the Chinese, who make most of the dresses, will take their Chinese New Year holiday, usually some time in February or March when the factories completely shut down. So if your dress is done but doesn’t get shipped before the shut down, it may sit there until the factories reopen.
Of course designers try to account for this when they give you the approximate shipping dates,  but keep in mind they are approximate.
Now hopefully this blog hasn’t put you into a panic, because really time is still on your side.  As a store that cares about making the dress buying process as stress free as possible we thought you should know what delays you could face and understand the need to order early. We hope to see you at the store to say yes to your dress very soon.

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