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You get what you pay for

Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, TLC Weddings, A Wedding Story, these are just some of the reality TV shows that are available to use each week.  Isn’t it amazing how easy each program make planning seem.  Some of them do have “hiccups”, but most seem just about flawless when it is all said and done.

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Your Omaha Wedding Officiant or Minister

“I wear many “hats” while serving you as your officiant/minister. My work in helping you co-author your ceremony will lead me to be a Producer, Director, Choreographer, Truth Teller, Teleprompter, and Stress Reduction Specialist so that you”

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Having a Friend Marry You Is Cheaper, Right?

Anyone can go on line and in a manner of minutes you are authorized to officiate weddings in most states and counties in the US.  You have a friend or family member who is willing to do that for you, so it only make sense right? I am sure there are many couples out there

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Physical Touch

Are you connecting by touch, enough.  Healthy relationships have all forms of physical touch.  And that touch is not always under the covers!   Physical Touch to some, is a very important aspect of the relationship.  It is about holding hands, snuggling on the sofa, piggy back rides, back pats, arm rubs, and…  We know

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Quality Time

Are you spending enough time together?  I don’t mean being in the same house or same room.  I don’t even mean sitting on the same sofa!  Are you fully present for your loved one when they need you?  That means no phones, no texting, no TV, no computers, no games…  It IS about eye contact,

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Receiving Gifts

Gifting may not seem important to you, perhaps to the one who is most significant to you, it is.  We are not talking about gifts of cars, vacations and high expense.  They are meaningful and thoughtful gifts, that are not given away on a schedule.  Perhaps they are family heirlooms, trinkets, collectible nick-knacks, books, pens, posters, scarves,

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Acts of Service

Are you “present” for your loved one or partner?  Do you take it upon yourself to help with tasks, chores and their “to do lists” without asking?  Dr. Gary Chapman shares 5 traits that many of us need (varying degrees) and acts of services are important to many people. Mowing lawn, clearing snow, raking leaves,

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Words of Encouragement

Do you use words of encouragement in your relationship?  Dr. Gary Chapman shares 5 traits that many of us need (varying degrees) and words of encouragement are important to many people. Think about a goal, dream, or accomplishment that spouse or loved one is putting off because they don’t feel adequate or that they have

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Nebraska Marriage License Facts

Nebraska Marriage License Facts Judges… Due to new provisions of the Judicial Code of Conduct, effective January 1, 2011, active judges cannot perform marriage ceremonies between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  And for those seeking a simple Elopement or Civil Ceremony, Inclusive Life is available day, evenings and weekends

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Organize Wedding Planning

When it comes to planning and organizing a ceremony for your relationship, it might be helpful (for some) to break it down into the four main phases.  IDEAS- Most generally, these are the early stages where couples decide where they’ll get married and how much they are able to budget for their ceremony. DECISIONS- Fun

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